About Us

MUZOKI is a unique and funky music school which offers professional music lessons in musical instrument, voice training,
music theory, music appreciation, worship music, drama and public speaking lessons to students between the ages of 3 and 103.

The Beginner and Intermediate curriculum music lessons are primarily tailored to teach students, the proper technical use of their chosen instrument or voice, individually or in small groups.  For student training a musical coach teaches a student music lessons, training session’s starts from a few minutes and can last up to a period of week or years till completion.

Professional training and music instruction both are part of music lessons. In amateur and recreational music contexts, to improve their singing and playing skills both children and adults take music lessons and learn basic techniques.

Advanced and Master music lessons aimed at students wishing to take part in examinations, are offered on an individual basis.

Studies suggests that providing children with musical lessons gives important development benefits, beyond only giving the knowledge or skill of playing a musical instrument. Research suggests that music lessons may enhance intelligence and academic achievement, building self-esteem and improve overall discipline

Musical Coaches shows students how to sit and stand with the instrument, for instrument lessons, how to hold the instrument, and how to manipulate the fingers and other body parts to produce tones and sounds from the instrument , The teacher shows the student how to produce tones and sound with their lips ,tongue and breath for wind and brass instruments.

MUZOKI is closed for one week in April and during December. Productions and music lessons are arranged during the other school holidays.

MUZOKI has 7 classrooms, fully equipped with quality musical instruments, including pianos, keyboards, electrical and acoustic guitars and base guitars, violins, woodwind instruments, electric and acoustic drum kits, sound equipment, earphones, etc. to accommodate any of the music lessons being taught.

MUZOKI can accommodate 400 students. The first campus at Glen Village Mall in the East of Pretoria opened its doors on 3 August 2015 and is filling up fast.

Tuition is strongly outcome based. Students are encouraged and are taught to perform in public, to form bands and ensembles and to make music and drama a possible career.

To achieve this, MUZOKI has a fully equipped auditorium with a full on stage area including stage lighting, smoke machines, large speakers and monitors and a full set of instruments.

The stage area is also sound engineered and can record live performances.

MUZOKI also offers a practical production course with sound engineering, light engineering & studio production



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